John Bolin

Minister of Worship & Arts

John Bolin serves as Minister of Worship & Arts at Houston’s First Baptist Church, known for having one of the largest music ministries across the country. He is an alumni of California Baptist University where he now serves on the Board of Trustees. At Houston’s First Baptist, John rebuilt the Choir & Orchestra program, launched a School of Fine Arts in 2012, reinstated all student and children’s worship programs and is an advocate for the power of MultiGenerational worship.  He released his first solo project, titled “For This We Have Jesus”, in the Fall of 2014. Having performed over 1200 concerts around the world, produced and sang on more than 20 records, and led congregations of people in worship on a weekly basis, John is committed to leading with excellence and recognizes that all hope and strength comes from The Lord. He and his wife Paige have two beautiful children, Grace Kathryn (3), and Hudson Edward(1).