About Us

The First|Worship Ministry of Houston’s First Baptist Church is made up of hundreds of adults, students, and children of all ages and backgrounds.

We are brought together by a common biblical purpose:

  • To CONNECT with God and each other through music and worship.
  • To LEAD God’s people by sacrifice, in service and through song.
  • To TRAIN all generations to utilize their talents to glorify God with passion and precision;
  • To COMMUNICATE salvation to the lost, encouragement to the believer, and joy and passion to the world.

As an artistic ministry, we believe in the pursuit of excellence for the glory of God. As the psalmist so eloquently stated, “I will not offer to the Lord that which cost me nothing,” so we strive to offer the Lord an authentic and excellent sacrifice.

As you will see through our different musical and artistic groups, the Worship Ministry strives to use different styles and dialects of worship to allow the people of God to both serve and experience Jesus Christ.

Meet Our Team

Eric Belvin

Worship Associate

Dora Bolin

Worship Ministry Assistant

John Bolin

Minister of Worship & Arts

Josh Harris

Worship Associate

Joy Harris

High 5 Kids' Choir Director

Jaci Johnson

Worship Ministry Assistant

Sam Jones

Associate Director of Worship - Downtown Campus

Don Koch

Director of Worship - Music Publishing

Ryan Langford

Minister of Music - Bands & Singers

Mervin Machuca

Director of the School of Fine Arts & Worship Associate

Alfredo Salmeron

Worship Associate